Mansa’s Newest Track “Uncomfortable” is a Classic
January 29, 2016

Mansa provides us with a nearly seven minute sample of what can be expected this year with his newly released song “Uncomfortable”. Equipped with a sultry acoustic beat produced by both Kuya and Mansa, what sounds like could possibly be a cliche love song is Mansa professing how much love actually makes him feel “uncomfortable.” The song is broken up into two distinct sections; the first half maintains the light acoustic melody while the second half slows it down. In the first part, we hear a story of Mansa preventing himself from feeling love for a girl, saying he’d “probably fuck it up”. “You got me feelin’ like I’m all alone//Your body to my body was a second home//I fall asleep with headphones on playin’ our favorite songs//But turn em off when I wake up because to me the thought of us is uncomfortable.” In the second part, Mansa allows himself to be a little more vulnerable, ending the song on a more “comfortable” note. “These other hoes think they been about it//They only bout it now cuz they know what I’m about//Baby girl I know you been about it//Ain’t no way to get around it//I hate it when its way too many niggas around you.”

Check out Mansa’s “Uncomfortable” here.